Community Based Habilitation Individual

Community Based Habilitation Individual Services (CHIO) provide community services to individuals with various needs. We assist individuals with:

Leisure Activities

Daily Living Skills

Volunteer Opportunities


Based on a person’s needs, CHIO can be provided for as little as three hours per week to three hours per day. Services are provided on an individual basis in the community.

Individual’s services are funded through the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) and are funded through the Family Supports Waiver and the Community Integrations and Habilitation Waiver. The phone number for BDDS is located 2620 Kessler Blvd E Dr #105, Indianapolis, IN 46220

317-232-1412 or 317-205-0101 If you do not currently have a waiver for services, please contact BDDS and they will assist you in completing the waiver application. Private pay services are also available.

If you are interested in K&R Glowing Pride Residential Services based habilitation services, please contact the Marketing Manager CHIO / PAC / Respite at 317.606.2888,