Mission Statement

Here at K&RGP we are here to protect out individuals thoughts, and well being. K&RGP we have been found to give amazing excellence with the services we provide ro keep our individuals happy. K&RGP exceeds for each individual to be treated like family "We are a Team". K&RGP recognizes with out our well trained staff and our happy individuals there would not be a K&R Glowing Pride Residential Services.

Vision Statment

K&RGP vision is to meet all standards of care and demonstrate the equal acts of opportunity.

Core Values

The K&R Glowing Pride Residential Services core values are forged by our commitment to the level of care. The mastering of the highest ethical standards to drive our priorities. Commitments and Organizational decisions.

Our reputation is the ultimate asset and these core values guide our behaviors, judgement and how we accomplish our mission.