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We take care of your future

K&R Glowing Pride Residential Services founded in the year of 2018. operated by Keyana Rice whom worked patient care for the past 17 years. Graduate with honors in Health Science. K&R was established with hope and faith built upon raising her own child with mental disabilities. K&R knew the challenges of individuals with intellectual disabilities and accepted with open arms the challenges of all individuals. Keyana Rice figured after graduating with associates in science, she knew that it was time to put her passion to work, and that indeed was being hands on with helping all individuals with needed services in life, in order to make their lives essential to build competent skills to feel worthy in today environment. You will hear the phrase "Do as to others as you would like done to you" as we speak of the quality of service and extended respect to all consumer, all consumer's family and friends. K&R defines best as the quality care with high efforts one can make service as a contribution to the welfare of others and quality as a degree of excellence to changing lives for the best contribution and welfare of others. K&R and K&R's team members apply their upmost ultimate respected and effort with a degree of excellence to ensure the welfare of others.